Youth Programs Class Descriptions

Please note, that not all of the classes listed below will be offered. Programs offered by your Community Association are dependent on the availability of instructors to provide the programs and some programs are seasonal. Therefore, if we do not have an instructor available to teach one of the classes listed below, we will not be offering that program at this time. Check out the online registration for indoor programs being offered in the fall and winter.

This is an 8-hour course, with a qualified instructor, that is certified by St. John’s Ambulance. Participants must be at least 10 years old by the end of the class. Please bring a doll or teddy bear that is a suitable size for practicing diapering.

For absolute beginners, learn the basics of classical ballet in a welcoming, encouraging environment. An introduction to ballet with beginning development of ballet concepts.

Blast Ball
A very simple concept utilizing the skills of softball in a fun, fast-paced activity for young player.

Bollywood Dance for Kids
Learn some basic steps in a sociable and fun way to get kids active. Uses dance and movement as an interactive way to teach the language, literature, culture and history of various regions of India.

Kids Cake Decorating
Boys and girls can learn how to decorate a cake in a fun and creative environment. Bring containers to class to take food home. Please inform the instructor of any food allergies

Creative Dance
Starting off with dance warm ups and learning the first steps of dance, the kids learn about the foundations and technique. They then take these steps and incorporate them in their dancing once the music comes on. When the music is put on, the kids decide how it makes them feel or what it makes them think of. Sometimes the song will be gloomy, so all the dancers dance sad. If the song is happy, they’d dance cheery. Often with these emotions, they can use our creativity and think of an animal or object that could be added into the dance. Sometimes you have 5 happy cheetahs dancing in the room or 5 sad old men. The class incorporates a lot of the kids’ imagination and creativity while also motivating them to improvise and show exactly how they feel when the music comes on. This class involves a lot of laughter, energy and fun!

Dance | Beginner
No program description available.

Dance | Hip Hop
These classes teach the fundamentals of hip hop movement. They are upbeat and high energy classes. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated.

Dance | Jazz
Jazz dance is a fun and energetic style. Dancers will learn the basic steps of jazz dance with turns, kicks, and leap steps along with popular simple rhythm techniques and fun expression to music.

Filipino Martial Arts
No program description available.

Floor Hockey
A team sport, played indoors following the rules of ice hockey.

A team sport, played indoors following the rules of lacrosse.

Designed for 3 to 5 year olds, this program will offer your child the opportunity to enjoy music, games, and run and tumble activities on their own.

Kindersize Parent & Tot
Activities to suit the active lifestyle of a 2 or 3 year old. With your child, experience fun through music, games, and run and tumble activities. An adult must accompany the child.

Knitting 14+
A two-hour class that would make your grandmother proud!!! Learn to knit and purl…cast off on the sea of do- it- yourself. Scarves, socks, toques… Beginner patterns available from a caring, skillful instructor in a warm non-judgemental environment. (Materials not included)

Learn to Skate
Focuses on the fundamentals of basic skating skills. Participants advance through a progression system by completing selected skill sets such as swizzles, strides, stops and turns to help them perfect their skating abilities and become more comfortable on the ice. All participants must wear a CSA Approved hockey helmet with a face mask. Classes are held on an outdoor rink and run during our winter programming.

Learn to Skate | Parent & Tot
Is designed to introduce new skaters to the fundamental skating skills with the assistance of a parent. Instructors lead parents and children through various games and activities to make the children reach a comfort level on the ice. Parents must have competent skating ability in order to help their child during the program. All participants must wear a CSA Approved hockey helmet with a face mask. Classes are held on an outdoor rink and run during our winter programming.

Mom & Baby Active
This Mom & Baby Active program is all about activities for you and baby each week! An interactive class, with great company, engaging conversations and fun. 

Fine Art Craft Class | Parent and Child
Learn a brand-new and rewarding art skill with your child! In this introductory Printmaking class, you and your child will learn how to design, carve and print a one-of-a-kind linocut using professional tools and techniques. The course is designed for a child between 10 and 14 to work together with a parent, grandparent, relative or other adult to help create a unique piece you can’t wait to hang up! Explore yours and your child’s creativity in this fun, interactive 10-week course. 

Photography FUNdamentals
Photography class will include the following topics: basic camera use, landscapes, portraits, macro, night sky, HDR, photography concepts such as rules and composition, software and editing.

There will be a theory part plus somewhat of a hands-on approach so people are encouraged to bring their cameras. The class is laid-back and informal with a focus on having fun while photographing, but also gaining the necessary knowledge to be successful at it.

Sport ABC’s
Sports ABC’s allows children to become familiar with skills used while playing various sports. In order to learn as many different skills as we can, we will focus on one sport a week, hopefully including every child’s favourite sport and introducing them to new sports. Parents are expected to be involved, as it helps the children learn and stay on task. They will be asked to have indoor shoes as well as their child. The first five to ten minutes of every class will be warm up/open gym. This gives everyone a chance to warm up doing something they love to do before instruction begins. 

Tae Kwon Do Beginner
An introduction to Tae Kwon Do for all ages. Besides improving fitness and releasing energy, you will learn focus, concentration, respect and discipline. 

Tae Kwon Do Preschool
An introduction to Tae Kwon Do for preschoolers. 

Yoga 15+
Are you new to Yoga and want to work at your own pace? This introduction to yoga will teach you to calm your mind as you increase your strength and flexibility. This class will focus on the basic poses, breathing, stretching, flexibility and relaxation in a nonjudgmental and safe environment. You will need to bring your own Yoga mat and any other props that you would like to use during the class.

Yoga Parent & Child
Introduces children (and their parents) to yoga, which can help calm minds and increase their strength and flexibility. Participants will need to bring their own yoga mat. 

Youth Badminton
A team sport, played indoors following the rules of badminton.

Zumba 14+
A fresh, fun workout that takes Latin dance rhythms and fuses them into the exercise routine to tone up your body and make you feel great! With this fun cardio workout you will tone your arms, stomach, thighs and more! Come Join the Party!

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