Tim Hortons Learn to Play Community Softball League

Saskatoon Minor Softball along with the Silverspring Community Association is made up of dedicated volunteers who share the same vision: Promote lifelong sportsmanship, skills, fun and fair play to all youths by providing and governing all levels of community-based softball programs for Saskatoon.

The program runs from the first week in May, for approximately 8 weeks, with the last games played the last week of June. Generally teams play one game at home and one game away each week. (Coaches may add practice times to the schedule if they see fit.) Community Softball is for kids 3 to 10 years of age.

For registration please click here.

Children in older age categories are to register directly with the Zone 1 Hustlers Division. Please visit their website at

Volunteer coaches make these leagues possible, please consider coaching your child’s team during online registration. SMSL provides all coaches with a two hour coaching clinic held the second or third week of April.

Please contact your Silverspring Softball Coordinator with questions/concerns: Jeff Lindsay at


U6 BlastBall (t-ball)

AGE GROUP: BORN 2014 – 2015

Introduces the basic fundamentals of softball (hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding) and is aimed at young children. There are no complex rules, no umpires, no personal equipment and no ball diamond. Games and practices are played on park green space.

BlastBall is designed to put the fun back in to the game of softball and to generate fast-paced action, enthusiasm and fun. Through its simplicity, BlastBall will allow young players to get involved in the game.

Blastball is played with equipment which is manufactured using child-safe materials; the bat and ball are made of a soft foam material, removing safety concerns that are created by aluminum bats and hard balls.  A “honking base” is also utilized.

There are no equipment requirements for the children, as baseball gloves are not required to participate in the game.

Teams are co-ed.

Games last approx. 1 hour. Start off with a warm-up and games should be no longer than 45min.

U8 Rookie Softball

AGE GROUP: BORN 2012-2013

Players upgrade from a batting Tee to a pitching machine. Rookie Ball provides players a better understanding and concept of the game. Basic skills are refined and stressed and kids generally play multiple positions. Players are getting prepared for Minor Ball. Everyone bats each inning.

Gloves and helmets are required.
Teams will be split between boys and girls.

Games last approx. 75 min. 15-30 min, pre-game and then 40-60 min. game.


U10 Mites Softball

AGE GROUP: BORN 2010-2011

The Mite division is a very exciting division to play and to watch! This is when children begin to pitch and are encouraged to play every position, determining which position they like to play, (first base, catcher, outfielder, etc). Players are more prepared for the Squirt division.

They now alternate innings between player pitching and pitching machines.
Gloves and helmets are required.
Teams will be split between boys and girls.
The emphasis is on fun, skill development and learning the game.

Have an 8 p.m. curfew.

A 20 min. warm up is encouraged


BlastBall (born 2013 – 2015) $60.00/player Mondays and Wednesdays (May to June)
Rookie Softball (born 2011/2012) $70.00/player Tuesdays and Thursdays (May to June)
Mites Softball (born 2009/2010) $80.00/player Mondays and Wednesdays (May to June)




Volunteers are our greatest resource.

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