The social and special events our community association plans for our residents help make Saskatoon a welcoming and inclusive city. Hosting social and special events in our neighbourhood that highlight sport, culture, and recreation contributes to a higher quality of life. 

Your association also plays a key role in maintaining a sense of belonging and identity in our growing city. A healthy community association benefits residents in many ways. It helps to build relationships among neighbours; provides quality sports, culture, and recreation programs; and allows residents to have a say in improvements to their neighbourhood.

Social and special events bring people together and help to build relationships. It allows people to get to know one another and create a bond of common interests. It builds community spirit and leads to a supportive and connected group. These events allow members of the association to learn about each other and become a better functioning organization.

If you have any suggestions for social activities or events that you would like to see in our community, contact our Social Coordinator.


Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2021

Take photos of items around the neighbourhood and be entered to win prizes!

Register on our website by clicking HERE and selecting “Holiday Scavenger Hunt.” Go through the check out process (there is no cost) and you will receive an email with the list of items you need to take photos of. Once you’ve completed the list, submit your photos to the new Silverspring Community Association Facebook page, purchase an SCA membership for $10 if you don’t have one already, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win! Have fun and get creative.

Contest opens December 16, 2021 at noon. Photos must be submitted by January 2, 2022 at noon. To be eligible for a prize, you must have purchased an SCA membership after June 30, 2021. Only one membership required per household.



Upcoming events


Stay tuned for more events!

Volunteers are our greatest resource.

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