The following is a general outline of each Executive position, including role, responsibilities, time commitment and preferred skills. The Executive completes duties as outlined in this section and other activities discussed as a group. Please note that the position descriptions can change but they represent typical Executive positions.

The Silverspring Community Association is always looking for volunteers to fill vacant board positions, coach community sports teams or help organize a community event to name a few. See the list below for positions available and click on the link for more information.


There are many ways you can volunteer for your Community Association:

  • coach soccer, softball or basketball clean up your park
  • help organize special events
  • help coordinate recreation programs write a newsletter article
  • flood the outdoor rink
    …and more!

We offer a variety of indoor programming in partnership with neighbouring communities for all ages.

For an opportunity to teach a new or an existing program within your community, follow the 3 easy steps at right.

This is a paid position.

Volunteers are our greatest resource.

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